Download Logitech SetPoint 32 / 64-bit (Terbaru 2022)

 Logitech SetPoint is Logitech's official software for organizing, modifying, and adding functionality to the Logitech keyboard and mouse. This software is provided as supporting software for Logitech products. You can use it to be more productive when working at the computer or more comfortable when playing games.

To enable Logitech SetPoint to customize the mouse and keyboard, the software will install new drivers. On your computer, a warning may appear from Windows about the driver which is accompanied by the option to cancel or continue the installation of the driver.

Since Logitech SetPoint is officially issued by Logitech, the software should be safe to install. However, caution is still required when installing any software because in addition to viruses there are other possibilities that can cause system damage.

One of the anticipatory steps is to activate the option of creating a system restore point which will automatically work every time you want to install new software. Alternatively, you can create a system restore point manually before starting the Logitech SetPoint installation.

There are many people who use the left hand as the dominant hand and this condition is commonly called left-handed. To use a computer, some of them buy a special mouse for left-handed people. Actually, even a standard mouse can be changed to a left-handed mouse, namely by swapping functions between the right and left buttons on the mouse. Redemption of this function can be done using Logitech SetPoint.

Other functions are also available for both mouse buttons. The wheel button located at the top of the mouse can also be edited for function even though the standard function is ideal for daily use. In addition to the three buttons located at the top of the mouse, the buttons on the sides can also be customized with Logitech SetPoint.

For side wheel buttons, for example, they can be used to scroll the page horizontally (from left to right and vice versa). This kind of scrolling is more practical than using scroll bars. On the keyboard, the F1 to F12 keys, which are usually called Function Keys, can also be customized to open web pages, emails, display the desktop, and so on.

Download the Latest Logitech SetPoint

Have a favorite software that you use quite often? You can run it by simply pressing one of the function keys above. Examples of software that are suitable to run in this way include software for resizing and compressing photos, screen captures, calculators, file cleaning software, and software for making small notes such as CherryTree, AllMyNotes, Mempad, and the like.

A feature that is mediocre but will be very helpful for users who often type may be the feature of notification via sound when certain keys such as Caps Lock are depressed involuntarily. This button can also be completely turned off if it is often grazed as you type. Download the latest and free Logitech SetPoint for Windows via the link below:

Download Here

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