Download Aplikasi Simulai TES CPNS

The Official Handbook of the CAT CPNS Test 2021/2022 is the most complete book for cpns test preparation. This book contains material and thousands of combinations of CAT question packages that match the original. 8 The advantages of the book include:

1. There are 2 national online tryouts:

  • National online tryout organized by Wahyu Star Publishers
  • A nationwide online tryout hosted by
  • The advantages of the two online tryouts include:
  • Accurate Question Package, taken from the previous year's CPNS questions and is the best question for Indonesian CPNS
  • Online work, so it can be done wherever you are using a cellphone or laptop to feel the sensation of cpns Indonesia Tryout questions
  • Instant Results, the tryout results come out immediately when the question is finished.
  • National Ranking, compare your tryout results with other competitors in the National Rankings.
  • View Progress, see how your workout is progressing by looking at the statistics menu in your account.

2. There are 9 CPNS CAT 2021 Prediction Packages

3. Free Android Apps:

  • App Bintang CPNS SKD-SKB
  • Personality Star App
  • App Star TPA
  • TOEFL Star App

4. Bonus CD Application Tryout CPNS CAT with thousands of package combinations of CAT questions according to the original.

5. There is a way of calculating and processing the passing grade of SKD and SKB.

6. Material according to the Latest CPNS grid

7. Basic Competency Selection Test (SKD), consisting of:

  • Nationality Insight Test (TWK)
  • General Intelligence Test (TIU)
  • Personal Characteristics Test (Crime Scene)

8. Field Competency Selection Test, consisting of:

  • Academic Potential Test
  • Psychological Tests
  • Mental Ideology
  • Health and Fitness Tests
  • Interview

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