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 At Compare, we need to make training fun once more. Science and Designing can appear hinting and exhausting. However, that couldn't possibly be more off-base. Science is surrounding us. From our own bodies to the external districts of our universe. Science is the enigmatic language that ties it all together.

We accept that science recipes ought not be suggesting. Yet, for what reason do all the applications make tackling them such a hard cycle?

Compare is an equation solver that is not difficult to utilize, it's just straightforward. We have such countless designs to improve Liken and make it the ideal reference instrument for any understudy.

Compare has been the ideal reference instrument for any understudy. Compare is being utilized by more than 1 Million understudies and educators around the world. Address, learn, and motivate are only a portion of the manners in which Compare can assist you with investigating the brilliant universe of recipes.

This update is a major one for us all at Liken. A few times we need to step back and contemplate the explanation we begin something. Liken was brought into the world from the thought that schooling ought to be free. Devices that help connect with and advance science ought to be available to everybody. It's not difficult to lose track of the main issue at hand and become mixed up in the ocean of thoughts and changes. Going through that we are all once again at the starting point. The assurance to help understudies. For this reason, we have chosen to make Liken free with the goal that it can help everybody. We stand behind our no-promotion strategy and will survive liberal gifts from people and associations.

So go on and be a dreamer. Fall in love with education and find inspiration in Science.

Here are some of the key features of Equate
- Built-in unit converters
- MathJax enabled, allowing for user input displays.
- Unique practice problems with answers to help you study for tests!
- Unique "learn it" section to further your learning!
- Formula manipulation to help you check your homework!
- Equation search function to find your desired formula.
- Wiki linked for an enhanced reference guide.
- Math, Physics, Chemistry and Economic Formulas.
- Favorite your formula of choice for easy access.
- Take advantage of more than 400 formulas.
- Nerdy instructional and practice videos to come!
- Many more feature in the works (Calculus, Custom Formulas)

Solve formulas faster, save time on your homework and learn about formulas. Equate is the perfect reference tool for science and Engineering students

Physics | Einstein to Newton...we got you covered
- Average Acceleration
- Average Speed
- Average Velocity
- Energy
- Friction
- Hooke’s Law
- Impulse
- Kinematic Equation 1
- Kinematic Equation 2
- Kinematic Equation 3
- Kinematic Equation 4
- Kinetic Energy
- Momentum
- Newton’s Second Law
- Potential Energy
- Pressure
- Projectile Motion and Magnitude
- Work

Chemistry | My name is Bond, IONIC BOND!
- Boyle’s Law
- Charles’s Law
- Ideal Gas Law
- Ohm’s Law

Math | Imaginary numbers are like imaginary friends!
- Circle Area
- Circle Perimeter
- Cube Surface Area
- Cube Volume
- Law of Sines
- Law of Cosine
- Pythagorean Theorem
- Rectangle Perimeter
- Quadratic Formula
- Square Area
- Triangle Area
- Statistical Variance

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