Download HDD Health

 Maintain the status and function of your hard disk

A follow-up warning of the impending hardware destruction can one day save you from hair loss due to losing all your important data.

If you don't do backups regularly then I would say it's important that you use a tool like HDD Health. The program constantly monitors your PC for signs that your hard drive will die due to corruption or is flammable and simple. The program is in your system tray and monitors the performance of your hard drive periodically

It continues to perform small diagnostic tests to see if anything disordered is happening. The program uses Self Monitoring and Reporting Technology (SMART), and unless your hard drive supports this (the most modern one), it will be of little use to you. 

The program issues alerts in the way you choose - which basically means via email, pop-up messages (which can be somewhat annoying), clean messages or event logging. It's very light on resources although the fact that it continues to work on your hard drive means that sometimes you might expect some slowing down of your PC's operation.

Download HDD Health

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